I have always thought people who used emoji's were ridiculous.  However, I have to admit that sometimes they can make an otherwise boring message seem hilarious.  Although we only use about 10 regularly, there are more coming to add to our arsenal.

Yes!  There are new emoji's coming in 2017 and this time they will include things like a face that's vomiting, a head that's so shocked it's exploding, and a woman breastfeeding.

I had no idea this agency existed but they're called the Unicode Consortium.  Their main job is to regulate and standardize the Internet.  But that means they also control the emojis.

This year they've announced they will be adding:

1.  A UFO.


2.  A shocked face with the head exploding.


3.  A face with the mouth open vomiting.


4.  A woman breastfeeding.


5.  A sandwich.


6.  A piece of pie.


7.  Tyrannosaurus Rex.


8.  A witch and wizard, vampire, elf, zombie, genie, and mermaid and merman.


9.  An orange heart . . . yes, we have blue, green, yellow, red, purple, and pink hearts.  Orange is necessary.


10.  A woman in a hijab.

There are many more.  You can find the rest of the list here...

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