The farm families in New York State are getting the help they need this week. After recent reports of trespassing and theft were reported in Niagara County, law makers in New York are stepping in to assist.

The sheriff in Niagara County is investigating reports that someone took livestock from various farms last week. These reports followed a recent meeting that was held that was a forum about rescuing animals.

Things are definitely tense in Niagara County and some farmers are installing extra cameras, lights and other security items around their farms to help protect them.

Since the reports came out, lawmakers in New York State are working to amend laws to help the hard working families in The Empire State.

State Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt and Assemblyman Michael Norris are pushing a measure that'd increase the penalty for individuals who trespass on farmland with the intent of committing a crime. If the bill is passed, anyone who is convicted might end up behind bars for up to 15 years. Recently, there have been reports of thefts and trespassing at farms in Niagara County.

While everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs, breaking the law and attacking a person's way of life and income, crosses a line. As we learned from the recent COVID pandemic, there is a huge need for local farms and shopping and growing local. It has never been more important to support the local food producers and growers than now.

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