Granny, get your gun!  That's the message they're sending in a Georgia town.

It's amazing to me how one incident can move a nation to such change like the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut did last December.  While New York State is imposing stricter gun laws, some towns are taking the opposite approach.

Take Nelson, Georgia, for example, where they just passed an ordinance that actually requires homeowners to own a gun and ammunition together.  The town is about 50 miles north of Atlanta, and the bill that was proposed last month was passed 5-0.

Although the council members admit that the law will not be enforced (how could you?), it was meant more as a way to send a message about gun ownership to Washington.

I have no problem at all with gun ownership.  I think if people feel the need to have one in their house, they should have that right.  Granted, they said they weren't going to enforce the ordinance, but isn't any government that says that its citizens have to own a gun just as bad as a government that tells its citizens that they can't?

Have we lost all control over our own decision making?