There has been a difference of opinion about the "33" or the Kensington expressway since it was started back in 1958. Most people that lived on the eastside of Buffalo loved the park that Humblot Pkwy once was. I recently spoke with my grandmother and other friends who lived in that neighborhood that I grew up in as well as a child.

It destroyed thousands of lives and ruin businesses, it also created racial inequities and social injustice for people who live there at that time.

According to, Senator Gillibrand is promoting a project that will cover a section of the Kensington Expressway, this project is also good because it will provide jobs for that neighborhood. The project is a 1 trillion dollar infrastructure package that will promote building locally and hiring locally. One of the plans to get people working is to promote hiring in underserved and disadvantaged neighborhoods when a road or highway project is planned.

These investments inequality and sustainability will save us money in the long run and create jobs in the process.

said, Senator Gillbrand

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The infrastructure bill has already been passed in the senate, but really faces an uphill battle in the house. There is an environmental impact study already starting to take place. This could be another thing that will be talked about for a long time, I see benefits on both sides of the idea. Personally, I think for people that live outside of downtown Buffalo, it is a very quick and convenient way of traveling in and out of the city.

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