Whether they lost a bet or just really need some milk, this group of cows is making people smile around Western New York. 

It’s not what you expected to see near Humboldt Parkway in Buffalo, but the group was there nonetheless. A group of five guys gathered in front of a campaign sign, appearing to huddle up for something. 

You can see a picture of the group of “cows” below. 

I'm utterly confused
byu/spider-panda inBuffalo

Maybe they had beef with someone or maybe they are just cowboys…but many of us were udderly confused by the people dressed in cow suits.

One person suggested on the Buffalo subReddit that the cows “are protesting the 33 cap, preferring full restoration of the parkway. They wander around the former Humboldt parkway dressed as cows, looking for grass to graze on. There is sadly none.”

While it may be just a joke, it does seem like the best explanation so far to explain the cow suits.

It is pretty amooosing, though.

What’s the weirdest thing you have seen around Buffalo? For me, this definitely makes the top 10. 

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