You may have heard about a new indoor dog park, complete with a bar for their owners. It's called "Barkology" and it's in Cheektowaga.

The grand opening was all set to go but as it turns out, that grand opening will be postponed.

According to their Facebook page, Barkology has had to postpone its grand opening. The opening date was supposed to be this Saturday (tomorrow).

The new grand opening date has not yet been set, but Barkology is hoping to have a new date set within the next couple of weeks.

Barkology is a giant indoor dog park with a bar for its human owners. The park will have no dirt or mud and instead feature turf and rubber for its indoor and outdoor surfaces, which I'm sure is a huge relief for many dog owners out there.

I can't wait for this place to open. I love taking our beagle-pitbull mix Odessa to parks as much as the next dog owner, but man she gets SO dirty sometimes and it's not even worth it because it gets so bad.

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This place opening will be awesome for so many dog owners out there and hopefully, the grand opening won't be delayed too much.

Barkology will be located on Genesee in Cheektowaga.

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