A few buildings in Buffalo got a new paint job over the weekend.

An artist by the name of TABBY posted on Instagram that came back to Buffalo to add about 20 murals to buildings in the city.

“Having a great time here in Buffalo, great people, great food and great walls!” TABBY posted on Instagram.

The project has been 3 years in the making, according to the artist, and a majority of these murals have been added to the city within the last few days, so if you have driven through Buffalo recently, you probably have seen them.

TABBY posted a reveal photo of his artwork for “Window Kiss,” which you can see below.

TABBY’s most recent post on Instagram shows his newest mural will feature a woman on a scooter, but we’re not sure what the final product will be. 

You can follow the art as it is added to our city on Instagram @tabbythis

TABBY is an Austrian-based artist, according to his Instagram bio, creating solely original work. He has been all over the world, but still nobody knows his name.

He has done interviews, though, but to hide his identity, TABBY will wear a mask and a costume to hide his identity. 

One of the reasons that TABBY hides his identity is because he wants the art to be the star, as he told 7News. (You can read more about that interview here.

TABBY’s work is throughout downtown Buffalo, and odds are, you have seen these murals and did not even realize it was this secret artist. Most recently, restaurant buildings featuring TABBY’s work includes Electric Avenue bar, Toutant, House of Charm, and more…and counting, too!

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