The New York State Thruway is still rolling out their massive $450 million reconstruction project, and slowly but surely, the new finished service areas have been opening to the public with new restaurants and more convenient additions. 

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This has been a relief for many drivers on the thruway, especially for those who use it regularly for their commute. Imagine having to travel for miles just to find a place to eat, or, well, you know. 

NYS Thruway service area map
NYS Thruway Authority

Since the renovations began in 2022, sixteen service areas have been completed and are now open to NYS Thruway drivers, with ten more still closed and under construction.

One rest stop that was closed for a long time is finally open and ready to visit, just in time for Memorial Day weekend traveling. 

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New Rest Stop Open On The NYS Thruway

Earlier this month, the Guilderland service area opened its doors and is now available for New York State visitors. 

Guilderland Service Area Interior
Artist Rendering via NYS Thruway Authority

The Level 2 service area, located eastbound between Exit 25 & Exit 24 on the New York State Thruway, stands at 5,742 square feet and contains an Applegreen Market Store, a Burger King, and a Starbucks with a drive-thru.

Like the other newly revamped rest stops, Guilderland has free Wi-Fi, larger public/family assist restrooms, and a variety of Taste NY food and drink products for sale. Soon, the service area will also be equipped for EV charging. 

More NYS Thruway Service Areas Opening Soon

Over the next several months, New York State motorists will continue to see construction completed on several rest stops, including:

  • Sloatsburg: Northbound between Exit 15A (Suffern Rt. 17N) & Exit 16 (Woodbury Toll Gantry) opening 3rd quarter 2024
  • Ramapo: Southbound between Exit 16 (Woodbury Toll Gantry) & Exit 15A (Suffern Rt. 17N) opening 2nd quarter 2024
  • Ulster: Southbound between Exit 20 (Saugerties) & Exit 19 (Kingston) opening 4th quarter 2024
  • Malden: Northbound between Exit 20 (Saugerties) & Exit 21 (Catskill) opening 4th quarter 2024
  • Mohawk: Eastbound between Exit 27 (Amsterdam) & Exit 26 (Schenectady West) opening 1st quarter 2025
  • Pattersonville: Westbound between Exit 26 (Schenectady West) & Exit 27 (Amsterdam) opening 3rd quarter 2024
  • DeWitt: Eastbound between Exit 36 (Syracuse I-81) & Exit 35 (Syracuse East) opening 4th quarter 2024
  • Scottsville: Eastbound between Exit 47 (Leroy) & Exit 46 (Rochester) opening 3rd 
  • Ontario: Westbound between Exit 46 (Rochester) & Exit 47 (Leroy) opening 4th quarter 2024
  • Angola: Eastbound & Westbound between Exit 57A (Eden-Angola) & Exit 58 (Silver Creek) opening 1st quarter 2025

Look Inside The New Rest Stops On The NYS Thruway

If your nearby service area is still closed, you can find out how big the remodeled version will be, which restaurants will be inside, and when construction will be completed here

In the meantime, keep scrolling to check out the latest New York rest stop locations that are fully remodeled. 

A Peek Inside The New Thruway Rest Stops In New York State [PHOTOS]

Keep scrolling to see pictures of the newly revamped New York State Thruway service areas.

Gallery Credit: Megan Carter/NYS Thruway

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