A new study shows that the average American likes to be close to dear ole' mom.

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According to the New York Times, the study was conducted by the National Institute of Aging and shows that most Americans are living within 18 miles of their mother. It is ever closer for us here in Western New York.

According to the study, the average distance for New York State is around 8 miles.

The biggest gap for people and their mothers comes in the Mountain region where on average most people are around 44 miles away from their moms.

It looks like the folks in the Deep South like to stay close to home, the average distance away from Mom was only 6 miles.

West Coast people prefer a bit of distance where the average 26 miles apart, or a quick marathon.

The study also shows that married couples are more likely to be farther from their moms than single people.

There may be a big reason for people staying close to home. With people living longer, the AARP says that the biggest amount of care-givers for the elderly are family members and children.

This is why most people choose to live with a quick drive of their parents.


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