You never want to forget your loved ones. Once they pass you try and do anything to remember every memory that you have had with that person.

You want to honor them in the best way possible and you may have thought of some of the more popular things people will do with their loved one's ashes: spread them out over the ocean or water, sprinkle them in their garden or at a tree when they plant a new one, sprinkle the ashes at their favorite team's sporting event or just simply keep them in a beautiful urn that will forever sit on the mantle.

Here are two unique ideas that you can keep and remember you loved one forever.

One artist will make you a painting with your loved one's ashes incorporated. For example, this artist Ellie Romano, got a request from one family whose loved one LOVED the beach and she painted a beach picture using the ashes and resin gloss.

Take a look a this one, music lovers? Another unique idea we found for loved one:

According to a study carried out by Simplicity on, one in four young people would like their ashes compressed into a vinyl record.


And Vinyly will press your loved one’s ashes into a bespoke vinyl record for family and friends to cherish for years to come.

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