It has certainly not been an easy go for wedding venues in Western New York since last March, but one family is hoping for the best as they open a new one in Chaffee.

Weddings have been rescheduled, moved, downsized, and even cancelled since last year.  It has been completely out of their control, but one family is hoping for the best as they open up a brand new one in Chaffee, NY.

You probably even know how to get there.

The new venue sits where Earl's Diner once stood.  You remember the restaurant with the actual jeans and boots for table legs?  They had the best biscuits and sausage gravy ever..and it was all you could eat!

Unfortunately that restaurant closed a few years back and was demolished in 2019.

That's when the Armstrong family decided to open up a wedding venue where it stood.  They broke ground in February before COVID was a thing here and started to build.

It's up and ready to go now and it's huge.

According to WKBW, they have 2 separate event areas inside, an outdoor event area, and 26 acres of open land for people to enjoy.  So if you've got a large family, this would be a perfect option.

While they admit that the venue is built for weddings, it would also be perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, class reunions and more.

They're giving tours of the area now and booking dates right away.  Want to check it out yourself?  Give them a call at 716-496-8800 or visit their website for more.


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