The calendar says spring is arriving but the season that many are always thinking about is deer season. If you are one of those die-hard hunters who can't get enough of being in the woods on a crisp day in Western New York, there is great news! "Deer Tippin' TV" is a new show that is recorded and produced in the woods right here in our backyard.

The above trailer highlights just some of the scenes that brothers, Justin and Jamie Wallschlaeger have put together to create a show that will have you hoping for October, even in March . According to their description on YouTube:

It's a passion that runs deep in family tradition and it shows in their love of filming their encounters. Deer Tippin' TV is geared towards the audience that wants real hunting, real stories, and real excitement.

Episode 1 will premier this weekend on YouTube and you can also follow their adventures on their Facebook page. A new episode will be released each Friday until season 1 is complete and it is a great way to beat those spring and summer blues as we wait for another exciting season of whitetail deer hunting in New York State.

We are very blessed to have the resources we have and the population of deer in Western New York. Many hunters travel west to find a good buck but the truth is, some record book deer have been taken right here in the 716 and 585 areas codes!

Congrats to the Wallschlaeger brothers. It has been a dream of theirs to make this happen and watching it unfold has been a real pleasure for friends and family and for those of us who love to hunt!

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