Ok, ok, ok...we all know that New York is known for great pizza. Also, there are different styles of pizza across the state too.

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From New York style that is thin and chewy to Buffalo style that has the cupped pepperonis that give you a shot of grease with every bite, New York has some darn good pizza.

Many people will argue over where and who has the best pizza. Most times they will name their neighborhood pizza joint that they have been getting pizza from since they were knee-high to chef's hat, but I am here to tell you that you are missing out on the best pizza if you don't go to a place that isn't known for pizza.

Ok...get ready for it...I know that this will cause a lot of people to hate on me for this, but the BEST PIZZA in New York is from........WEGMANS!!!

Yes...Weggies as we call it in our house. I know what you are thinking, what how could a grocery store have the best pizza in the entire state of New York. I am sure there are Italian grandmas in the Bronx who just about keeled over when they read this but hear me out.

Wegman's pizza is as about as New York as you can get. They have locations all over the entire state and they can make a pie that everyone will enjoy. For my family, my son Avry loves the thin, chewy nature of the pizza. For me, growing up in Buffalo, I like the cupped pepperonis, and guess what they can put them on the thin-crust pizza so we have the best of both worlds!

So yes, if you are having a party with people from all across the state, the one way to keep them all happy is to get pizza from Wegmans.

I will say, they used to only charge $10 for a large cheese pizza but they recently increased the price to $12, but still, that is a great price for a large pizza.

If you don't believe me...go ahead and order a large pizza and let me know what you think.

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