October is here and we are spending more time inside the house or the apartment these days. We have gotten to the time of the year when the weather changes and the rain and cold weather arrive. It is perfect for getting things done on the inside of the house.

If you ask most people, the worst household chore may be laundry! The washing and drying and the folding and then putting away the clothes can be exhausting and boring! If you have kids, the laundry seems to never end!

But when you do the laundry this weekend, there is one item that "experts" are asking you not to forget. In fact, this item is probably filled with more germs than the toilet!

A recent article in the NY Post reported that:

Experts say everyone should be washing their bathmats every one to two weeks — but the reality is far more grim.

Cleaning expert Rikki Fothergill says, “A survey found a third admitted to washing their mats just two times a year.”

For many, a deep clean means that you need to break out the bleach! Have you tried to buy Clorox or any other bleach these days? It is nearly impossible! Because of supply issues, much like we had seen in the COVID pandemic, there are shortages of the popular cleanser.

At our house, with the four kids, it can be a huge challenge to keep everything clean and germ free. They are still learning about the benefits of washing hands. However, after reading about the floor mats in the bathroom, we are going to have to work on the boys "aim".

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