There are many new laws for 2024 in New York State. Some will affect you directly and others you may never even read or hear about. The minimum wage in New York State has gone up to start the year and it looks like there is a plan for it to go up in the next few years as well.

While New York State is often the first to make a move on certain laws, it does follow trends from the other states as well. For example, New York seems to being following the lead from California on laws that aim to improve our carbon footprint and being more energy efficient.

Will this be the case for the law that is being debated in Tennessee? There are some legislators who are trying to enact a law that would end the sale of cold beer in stores.

The plan for the law seems to be on pause for further debate and discussion but according to New Channel 5:

Rep. Gant's original idea for the bill would have banned refrigerated beer from being sold in gas stations and retail stores. The coldness question got red hot reaction on social media and from fellow Tennessee lawmakers.

The theory behind the law is part of an ongoing effort to try and halt or minimize the amount of DWI related crashes and accidents.

Here in New York State, the New York State Police reported there were multiple DWI arrests over the recent Super Bowl weekend with 139 across the state.

If the lawmakers go back to the table and establish some sort of law regarding the sale of cold beer, you can bet that New York State will be watching.

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