The winter is here in New York State and so is the bitter cold and snow. It is that time of the year that we start to see a large number of cases of the flu and there is one county in New York State that leads the way.

The forecast is calling for another round of lake effect snow before the weekend and that will be followed by a slight warming trend and rain. This is an ideal setting for the flu to start to spread. Not to mention, kids are back to school and bringing germs home.

As we make it to the halfway point of January, the New State Flu report indicates that much the state is pretty steady with the flu numbers. Just under 150,000 cases have been reported since the flu season began. Outside of New York City, during the week ending January 6th, Erie County had the highest number of reported infections with 367.

In the New York City area, Suffolk and Nassau Counties had over 2,000 cases reported in the same time frame.

This may be a great time to review the things that your mom and dad told you about staying healthy and fighting the winter colds, flu and COVID infection. First and foremost, if you don't feel good; stay home!

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