Most people take the same routes to work and home every day. Here in New York State, there are plenty of trouble spots for motorists and it can be unsettling to drive down certain roads, especially if they're highly condensed with cars.

Dangerous roads exist all over New York and it's not just in the New York City region, although it's always dicey on many of the roads in and out of the Tri-State area.

Certain main thoroughfares can be just as dangerous as highways and even more so since there are streetlights, stop signs, crosswalks, parking lot entrances, and a host of things for motorists to consider as they're driving.

Many times, the layout of a certain road or highway is to blame for why it can be so dangerous.

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Many twists and turns, narrow passages, and confusing exit ramps don't help matters.

The Ahearne Law Firm listed what were the top five most dangerous roads in New York State, which was from 2020.

Four of the five are from around the New York City region, but one that made the list is right here in Western New York.

Thanks to the Ahearne Law Firm for the information. Here are the five most dangerous roads in New York State.

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