Christmas is just a few days away! Raise your hand if you are feeling the stress and pressure of the last minute shopping and preparations. If you are traveling this week, it is about to get very busy on the roads and in the skies. The good news (or bad?) is that there will not be any snow to stop you from getting where you need to go here in New York State.

Christmas is more than giving gifts and traveling and the hustle and bustle of December. And hopefully the spirit of the season captures you at some point and you have time to reflect on it and what is really important to you.

But the reality is, we are all consumed with getting the perfect gift or being somewhere on time or making sure that everyone around us is happy. The true stress comes from making sure that your list is checked off before Christmas day. But if you are looking for last minute gifts for kids, there is a reminder from New York State this week.

The Powerball jackpot has grown to over $600 million this week! What a gift that would be. The lottery is fun but not for those under 18 years old. Scratch off tickets are also not for kids. The fear is that allowing kids to play lottery, or receive lottery tickets as gifts, promotes gambling to minors.

In a report from, it was stated that:

“Many times, a child’s first exposure to gambling comes in the form of a gifted lottery ticket from a well-meaning adult who may be unaware of the associated risks,” said Gaming Commission Chair Brian O’Dwyer. “We encourage age-appropriate gifts this holiday season and throughout the year and thank our partners across the country in helping to spread the message.”

The next big drawing for Powerball will take place on Saturday December 23rd and will be for at least $620 million!

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