There is no doubt that most of us are constantly on pins and needles when it comes to the price of things and trying to survive the roller coaster that is inflation these days. A double order of wings with a single order of chicken fingers will cost you nearly $70! That's crazy!

Yes, most Americans say that they try to save money and would love to be less reliant on credit. It is not always that simple when the money you make is either gone on payday or doesn't stretch the way that it used to! Living paycheck to paycheck is the new normal in the post COVID-19 pandemic world.

The hard part to swallow is that politicians and elected officials have so much control over what is next and, here in New York State, the administrators and legislators have control over thousands of paychecks. There is some good news.



The stop gap that is in place seems to be good for the everyday worker or employee. However, there appears to be an agreement that some will have to wait. According to reports, members of the legislature won't get paid until a budget is passed.

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