If you love cookies, there may be nothing more sweet than a fresh, crunchy Girl Scout cookie! There are a wide variety of flavors including the famous Thin Mint! However, there is one specific cookie that is getting more attention, and more money than the rest!

What are you willing to pay for your favorite food? We have all heard the question; "what food would you want to eat everyday if you had the choice"? For our kids, anything with sugar would be the right choice.

If you have some extra cash to spend and love to support the Girl Scouts, get out your cash and fork over hundred for this new favorite.

This year, the Girl Scouts introduced a new cookie, the Raspberry Rally, which was only sold online, and some are paying hundreds for leftovers!

The cookie has now made its way over to eBay, selling well over the Girl Scouts’ price of $5 or $6 a box. A quick search on the e-commerce company’s website shows resell prices ranging from $15 to $180 for 10 packages.


March is here and there is a very exciting week ahead as we get to the start of the first full week of the month.

Scouting is so fun! We have three boys and a little girl on the way and I will certainly introduce them to scouting. As a former boys scout, I know the important lessons and friendships that a kids can get out of being a scout! I encourage you to help your local scouts when they need support. It may be fundraising or volunteering, and it will be have a huge benefit to the community!

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