The National Weather Service issued numerous flash flood warnings across New York State on Sunday afternoon. As the high humidity made for ideal conditions for heavy rainfall, the Governor in New York State was warning drivers about being smart and safe on flooded roads.

The summer of 2023 will be remembered as one of the hottest in recent memory. Not only here in New York State, but across the country there are millions dealing with record heat! Parts of the Southwest are dealing with heat ranges in the 110's!

But when it rains so hard the creeks and ditches can't keep up, the roads become filled with water and become unsafe.

If it is not the heat and humidity, it is the smoke! If you were outside over the weekend, the sun was out but filtered by the wildfire smoke from the fires that are burning in Canada.

The air quality alerts are in place for much of the Western New York area to start the week. If you have breathing issues, it is best to stay indoors or wear a mask. I love to run a couple miles everyday and the smoke has made it a little more challenging for sure.

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