There is a big weekend coming up for fans of the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Playoff football is here and the governor of New York State has a few words for those who are thinking of traveling from Pittsburgh to Western New York.

There is a large storm that is brewing and will bring damaging winds and lake effect snow. There were rumors that the game between the Steelers and Bills might be moved to a neutral location IF the storm was bad enough. However, according to reports, the NFL has dispelled that rumor.

The travel will likely be rough around the state.

The weather is going to be tricky and the Governor of New York State has taken the opportunity to show some support for the only New York State NFL team and at the same time, urge Steelers fans to stay home!

As for the forecast, it is going to be interesting. In fact, the National Weather Service calls it a "multi-hazard" type of storm.

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