If you make minimum wage now—could you imagine making $8.50 tomorrow? McDonald’s workers get excited because it just might be happening. State Assembly Speakers are in the process of considering raising minimum wage to 8.50.  That’s a 17 percent increase from the $7.25 minimum wage that New York is at right now. Now, if NY officials kept up with inflation over the past 40 years minimum wage should be $10.80.

Monday morning legislation started pushing the minimum wage increase, which, right now in New York is equal to the national average minimum.  Now, my first job ever was working at McDonald’s and at that time minimum wage was somewhere south of $6. Imagine making not even six dollars an hour now. Heck, $7.25 an hour isn’t much at all either. HOLY SMOKES – it would cost me a quarter of my 40 hour pay check at that rate just to fill my gas tank. Not to mention New York State takes about a quarter of your paycheck in taxes. Now imagine if you had a family & lived in New York City….


What do you think about the push to increase New York State minimum wage?

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