It is that time of the year! The kids are headed back to school and moms and dads around New York State are ready for the fall routine to begin!

However, when you head back to school this fall, there are new reminders to avoid sharing any personal information related to your kids online.

Sure, it is cute to see the little ones all dressed up and ready for their first day! Whether it is the actual first day of school ever, or a first day with a new teacher, as parents we are excited for them and want to share the moment. But like anything else these days, there are bad people waiting to grab information they can use to take your identity.

@cathypedrayes Whether you post these or not is a personal family choice but personally, I’d avoid posting too many details. Instead- if you’re going to post- keep the details private and post something vague (without school uniform). #tipsandtricks #backtoschool #safetytips #safetyfirst #stayaware #stayalert #kidsafety #familysafety #parents #momtok #psa #advice #awareness #situationalawareness ♬ original sound - Bryan

Most parents are counting down the days until the kids head back to school for the new year. As the summer begins to fade and classes get underway soon, there is a new warning from New York State officials.

It seems like every week we have a new scam to worry about and this time it may take money away from that back to school shopping budget.

According to reports, before you buy those supplies, there are a few things to check for.

The Division of Consumer Protection has recommended people protect their identities when shopping online by making sure purchases are made using a secure internet connection. Also, beware of fake websites and ads, especially ones that appear to be offering large discounts on items. And, use a credit card if possible to buy things since they offer the most protection against fraud.

Not only are there scams that could target parents of students, there are also scams aimed at young adults that may result in credit issues to start their college careers.

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