The numbers are in and there is one location in New York State that saw over 7,000 whitetail deer taken last hunting season.

The fall is still months away. However, hunters here in New York State are already planning and planting food plots and dreaming about the cold, clear mornings and crisp afternoons in the deer stand.

But there is one location in New York State that has more deer taken in the hunting season than any other and it is NOT in the mountains.

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According to the 2023 New York State deer harvest report, it was 9H that had the largest amount of whitetail deer taken last season. With 7394 total deer (that includes adult males, females and fawns), zone 9H is the leader.

A "zone" can also be referred to as a WMU. New York's DEC describes them as:

"Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) are the geographical units DEC uses to set hunting and trapping seasons in New York State. Wherever possible, the boundaries between units were placed on County or State Highways or large streams or rivers making them clearly identifiable on the ground. In the few cases where this was not possible, or for legal reasons, political boundaries (e.g., county boundaries) had to be used".

As far as this time of the year, the baby deer (fawns) are being born across New York State.

The spring is well underway and it is just about the time of the year that whitetail deer start to deliver their fawns! Even though they are cute, they are wild animals and the Amherst Police have a warning for residents.

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