Do you know what the leading cause of non-crash-related fatalities for children 14 and younger is?  According to The Administration For Children And Families, it's heatstroke and it can be prevented.The New York State Police and the DMV are encouraging people to "Look Before You Lock".

The Administration For Children and Families found that from 1998-2013, 606 children died due to heatstroke, representing 61% of total non-crash fatalities in this age group. Of the 606 deaths:

  • 52% were forgotten in the vehicle
  • 29% gained access by themselves and became trapped
  • 18% were left intentionally
  • 1% were unknown cases

The first two of those categories can be prevented simply by looking before you lock your vehicle.  Make it a habit to look in the back seat and make sure there isn't a child back there.

They also encourage people to keep vehicles locked over the summer even when you aren't in them.  That will help keep young ones from gaining access to the vehicle and then becoming trapped.

Here are some more tips from Look Before You Lock.


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