The cold weather is still hanging on around New York State. However, as the days get longer and the grass starts growing, it means it is also time to hit the creeks, streams and rivers! Trout season is back in New York State!

There are few things more relaxing than a clear, crisp, April morning with a fishing rod or fly rod in your hand! Spring, inland, trout season is here and if you are planning on heading out this weekend, there are some places that you are almost guaranteed to catch a fish!

Each year, anglers from Buffalo to Albany and everywhere in between wait to hear or read where the trout will be stocked! Turns out, there a hundreds of locations and, for some, they are kept secret among other anglers. The New York State DEC has released the 2023 list of locations that have been stocked with yearling trout.

Now that we have three kids, and one on the way, I am trying to pass on my love for the outdoors and encourage them to try fishing. These stocking guides come in handy when you NEED to catch a fish. However, it is not always a guarantee. Like the saying goes "that's why it's called fishing-not catching". For me, the best luck I have had with early spring trout in New York is when I use sweet corn kernels. Good luck this season!

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