The Holidays are here and it is time to bake!!! The main ingredient, or at least one of the most important, is typically eggs. Last year at this time, the issue that most bakers had was the outrageous price they were paying for eggs. Last year an egg shortage had us paying high prices. However, a decades old lawsuit has been settled.

Fast forward to Christmas 2023 and some of that money may be coming back. A settlement has been reached in a price gouging lawsuit that goes back as far as 2004 that will see egg producers sending money back to some of the larger corporations like General Mills.

But what about the average, everyday family? The hope is that this settlement may mean a reduction in prices for things that we use to bake once the funds reach the accounts of the corporations.

What about this year's egg supply? Are we back where we should be? Many people who are allowed to have chickens are resorting to being self sufficient. It is work the effort to raise chickens and keep them safe so they can have inexpensive eggs.

A company with ties to Buffalo, New York is also a part of this settlement. General Mills will be awarded some of the money as well.

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