There is yet another price increase that is coming our way in New York State. As we are seeing and hearing about inflation and interest rates increasing, we never seem to get news about fees going down. Will there be any relief soon? That remains to be seen. Until then, get ready to shell out even more for the things we need.

The new year brought about several changes in New York State. The minimum wage was increased and there are plans for additional increases in the next few years. But that increase in pay does not go as far as expected when the prices of products and services also increase.

The latest increase will affect the mail that you send. The United States Postal Service reports that the price for a stamp is going up.

On Sunday, the United States Postal Service will increase the cost of a First-Class Forever U.S. Postage Stamp from the current 66 cents to 68 cents.

While it never feels good to pay more, it still amazes me that it costs so little to send a letter or return a bill payment. True, there are digital ways to pay but even some of businesses are adding fees for that including some hefty late fees. It is pretty incredible that in 2024, you can send a letter from coast to coast for only 68 cents!

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