Now that May is just hours away, we would hope that we have received all of the "measurable" snow we will which Western New York town got the most in 2018?

Yes, I did say "we should hope" because we know the weather is always changing here in Western New York.  We have received snow in June before.  It feels a little prBut lets put that all out of our mind for now and pray that we are done with it.

According to the National Weather Service, Western New York took 3 of the top 10 slots when counting up the inches of snow that New York received this year.

It looks like Perrysburg, NY is the Western New York winner for the most snow in the 2018 season.  They racked up an astonishing 269.7 inches.  Colden comes in second with 256.7 inches which is music to the ears of the people out at Kissing Bridge, and Colden's neighbor, Springville is third on the WNY list with 232.8.

The big question is...Are we done with snow yet?

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