PICTURE: WNY Woman Finds A LOG In Her Walmart Package
One girl from Western New York ordered an air mattress from Walmart online and it came to her the other day and when she opened it up there was no air mattress in the box. Instead, she found a bunch of packaging and a massive log inside as well as a bunch of dirt.
RANKINGS: Top 5 Restaurants in Springville
Springville has their hot spots and everyone that lives there knows it. Lets take a look at the Top 5 restaurants that are ranked according to Trip Advisor. As we all know, Western New York is not on a shortage of good and unique restaurants, so next time that  you are in Springville, take a look out for these ones! ...
PSA Contest
Congratulations to the students at Springville Middle School for winning the Kids Escaping Drugs PSA contest.  The students put together their own PSA about why other kids should stay away from drugs.
Roundball Rumble
It's been years since I've played basketball but I can't wait to take the court tomorrow night out in my hometown to help out a great cause.  It's called the Roundball Rumble for Roswell.

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