You want the freshest foods for your family.  Where do you get it?  The answer should be that you get it directly from a local farm. Here's how you do that.

The best way to know you're providing incredibly fresh food to your family is to grow it, or raise it yourself.  But if you can't do that, the next best option is to get it from a local farm that you trust.

What is a farmer's market?

If you've never visited a farmer's market, they are just what they sound like.  They normally consist of local farms that bring fresh meats, cheeses, produce, and other goods direct from their farms for you to buy and take home to your family.  But they could also consist of booths offering other things that they've made too.  You can find fresh pastries and baked goods, juices, and other goods there too.

Why are farmer's markets important?

Farmer's markets are good for two things.

1.) They're good for you.  As mentioned before, you're going to get some of the freshest, most organic food from farmer's markets.

2.) They're good for the farmers.  By purchasing whatever it is that they have for sale that week, you're ensuring that they will be able to continue doing what they're passionate about.  They can pay their own bills and also feed their own families.  Farming is incredibly taxing. It's hard work and it should be rewarded.

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Sometimes there's more going on there

If you find a really good farmer's market, you might find more than just incredibly fresh food.  Sometimes they will feature food trucks so you can have a bite to eat while you shop.  They might even have live music for you to enjoy.  They really are events.

Want to check out some farmer's markets here in Western New York?  Here's a list of just a couple that people enjoy...

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