Before we even start this is not a joke and a log is actually a piece of wood.

When we were talking about it some people suggested that it was not an actual piece of wood and rather....ummm....something else.

Now that we got that clarified and out of the way here's what happened.

One girl from Western New York ordered an air mattress from Walmart online and it came to her the other day and when she opened it up there was no air mattress in the box. Instead, she found a bunch of packaging and a massive log inside as well as a bunch of dirt.

How would a log actually get in a box like that? We have no way to be 100% sure how it happened, but I am sure that we can take a good stab at it.

When you return something, it is not like it is always checked by employees. You hand over the product and then usually, it is put right back on the shelf. When people steal things, they needed it to feel as though something was in the box, so they simply put a piece of wood in there to make it seems that there is an air mattress inside.

People are absolutely ridiculous nowadays. The girl took to Twitter tag Walmart and tell her that she found the log and trash inside. We did not see Walmart respond at the time of posting.

Have you ever found something in a box that wasn't really what you thought you were buying?

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