The NFL Football season has reached the halfway point and there is still plenty of football left to play. For some it is all about the game and for others, the tailgate party. It is true that some fans don't even make it in to the game after the party.

As we struggle to figure out what is going right and what is going wrong for our favorite teams, there is one thing we can all agree on; the drinks we enjoy before the games.

The results are in and here in New York State the number one choice for tailgate drinking is Labatt!

ESPN Radio is reporting that:

This likely won't be much of a surprise, but Labatt was identified as the most popular tailgate beverage in New York. The Empire State was one of two states, the other being Michigan, that had Labatt as their beverage of choice.

All eyes will be on Western New York this coming Monday as Monday Night Football returns to Buffalo. The Buffalo Bills will take on the Denver Broncos in a game that the Bills MUST win if they hope to keep in the playoff hunt.

If you are in town for the game, consider joining us for the We Are Buffalo Tailgate party before the game.

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