When you go to the gym this week, better plan on seeing a few more people. Getting in shape is still the top New Year's resolution here in New York State and there are going to be many people in the gym for the first part of the year.

If you are a regular at the gym, you may get frustrated when you see more people than usual when you go to the gym at your regular time. Waiting for machines, loud people and seeing those who just want to talk rather than workout are all the things that grind the gears of an avid gym goer.

But if you are the person who is trying out a gym for the first time or just getting back in the swing of things, there are some new warnings from New York State.

The State Division of Consumer Protection is recommended that people review any contract before signing it, and to be aware of add-on fees.

According to the New York State Attorney General:

Your contract cannot exceed $3,600 per year (excluding tennis and racquetball facilities).
Your contract cannot be for a term longer than 36 months.
You must be able to cancel your contract within three days of signing it.

As a father of four kids, I understand how hard it can be to get back in to the gym or get in to shape. However, like anything else, having a good routine is the key to it all. I find that it is easiest to carve the time out and stick to it everyday. It is amazing how good you can feel and how it really helps to be a better parent when you lose the stress and your body feels good.

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