The new year is just a few days away and for those who want to get, or expect to get, a bump in pay there are some resources provided by New York State to help you get there. The minimum wage is going up in 2024 and if you don't see it, complain.

For those who get out of bed and work long hours everyday, you want to get the most for your money. The issue these days is that the money we make, does not go as far as it did even a year ago! Inflation and higher prices is making it very challenging to make ends meet.

Dedicated Workers

But those who have a strong work ethic are not discouraged. In fact, hard working New York State residents will push harder toward their goals and rarely give up until the job is finished. As elected officials are seeing increases in their pay, it only seems fitting that residents who pay taxes should expect the same.

How To File A Complaint With New York State

If you expect an increase in pay and don't see it in your check when the New Year arrives, New York State is offering a form and website link to help you. Governor Hochul is telling workers who don't see a bump in their paycheck to file a complaint with the Department of Labor.

The NYS Department of Labor’s Division of Labor Standards investigates complaints and helps to resolve violations of New York State labor law. Submit form LS223 to make a claim regarding unpaid wages, unpaid wage supplements, minimum wage or overtime violations, illegal deductions, or if your employer fails to give you the required meal period, day of rest, paystub, etc.


The minimum wage increases will continue for the next couple of years.

Governor Secured Historic Agreement to Increase New York’s Minimum Wage Through 2026 and Index to Inflation Beginning in 2027 As Part of FY 2024 Budget

What About School Loans In New York State?

Lets say you get that increase in pay. Will you use that to pay down debt? If you have a student loan, the bills have arrived and the pile of debt can seem like a mountain. However, some in New York State may qualify for some relief which will be provided by the Federal Government.

No matter your opinion on the student loan debt payments or cancellation, the Federal Government seems dedicated to canceling some of it for some students.

President Biden has announced that billions will go toward paying off debts for some students.

My Administration just approved another $4.8 billion in student debt cancellation for 80,300 Americans because of fixes to Public Service Loan Forgiveness and Income-Driven Repayment plans.

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