It's been a very busy past three weeks around the NFL. The start of free agency saw likely the most chaotic start of the off-season we have ever seen before, which included many players switching teams.

The NFL owners meetings took place in Boca Raton, Florida on Monday and Tuesday this week, and two big things that were voted and approved upon involved the Buffalo Bills.

One was the Bills new stadium agreement getting done and signed off on, while the other involved a permanent change in the NFL playoff overtime rules. Both teams will get a chance with the ball in postseason overtime, and if both teams score a touchdown on their first drive, it goes to sudden death.

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Another interesting thing that came out of Tuesday's NFL owners meetings was what Troy Vincent had to say about missed calls. More specifically, taunting penalties.

Vincent is a former longtime cornerback, who played three seasons for the Bills, and is now the executive vice president of football operations in the NFL.

Vincent says they will stick to enforcing taunting penalties, and only had four missed calls.

However, one of them was the taunting penalty that should have been called on Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

Hill caught the go-ahead touchdown pass with just over one minute remaining in regulation. Hill did the peace sign at Bills linebacker Matt Milano at the 15-yard-line, which Vincent says should have been called and was missed.

What makes this interesting is Hill taunted Milano well before he crossed the goal line. Technically, it happened before the score, which would have huge ramifications there.

Whether or not we should have these taunting penalties is worthy of discussion, but as the rules state, it should have been called on Hill, who ironically is really the poster child for why the taunting penalties exist...

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