If someone were to go through and rank every team's facilities in the NFL, how do you think the Buffalo Bills would do?

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When it comes to NFL teams, there is a lot for players to take into account when they're choosing their next job.  They want to make sure that not only are their professional needs taken care of, but also their personal needs.  They're going to be spending lots of hours at those facilities.  So from a free agent standpoint, you want to make sure the facilities are nice.

The NFLPA Ranks every facility

The NFLPA (National Football League Players Association) has done the players a service by ranking each and every team in the NFL based on all kinds of things.  The categories included treatment of the players' families, food service and nutrition, the weight room, strength coaches, the training room, the training staff, the locker room, and team travel.

Where do the Buffalo Bills facilities excel?

The Bills did really well in their weight room and with their strength coaches.  They were tied for first in the NFL with an A+ for a rating on both of those categories.  The training staff got an A also.  They did well with the locker room and the treatment of families.  They got A-'s in each of those categories.

The Bills are middle of the pack in some places

Unfortunately, it wasn't top of the list and A's all the way down the board.  They scored a B+ for their training room and a C for their food service and nutrition. That low grade is probably because the dietician for the Bills also has to split their time with the Sabres.  So maybe a dedicated dietician for each team might help.

Where do the Bills need help?

The Bills only got a D+ for their team travel.  When they have to stay overnight, the Bills are just one of 6 teams in the NFL who make the young players have roommates.  Only 64% of the team feels like they have enough room to spread out.

Overall they didn't rank all that poorly.  They came in at #9 out of the 32 teams. If you'd like to see the rest of the report or see how the rest of the NFL stacks up, you can find it by clicking here.

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