Many of us dream of retirement as a golden time of relaxation, fulfilling hobbies, travel, spending time with family, and so much more.

It also can be a time of navigating health issues and health insurance, adapting living spaces to changing needs, and facing some social challenges and loneliness. Thankfully, the Niagara County Office for the Aging is a local resource for a multitude of programs that can help seniors age gracefully and remain as independent as possible, including:

  • Medical rides
  • Legal services
  • Meals served on sites and delivered to homes
  • Medicare education through individual counseling and monthly workshops
  • Enrollment sessions for programs that help seniors pay out-of-pocket costs of Medicare and Medicare Part D, such as the Extra-Help Program, Medicare savings program, and NYS Epic.
  • Help connecting seniors with other community programs that can help them.

They also work with NY Connects Niagara County to offer unbiased information about long-term care services.

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In summary, Niagara County Office for the Aging either offers or partners with an organization that offers events and programs for almost any kind of activity or assistance that would help residents ages 60 and older. Some programs extend to their caregivers and family, too. You can find a list of their partnership programs online here.

To learn more, be sure to follow them on Facebook here, and visit their website at For details on their next Medicare workshop and to register for it, call 716-438-3030.

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