When you used to go to Clifton Park back in your college days, you always saw the 'Ripley's' red neon sign that housed some items that are involved with the greatest records held in the entire world.

Unfortunately, though the The Guinness World Records Museum in Ripley's was a victim to the COVID-19 pandemic and not able to stay afloat. The location officially shut their doors in Niagara Falls, Canada in September 2020 and now they are trying to pass those items to YOU. There is an auction going on right now that has SO MANY items including these high ticket items:

  •  A Japanese-made Petal subminiature photographic camera from the late 1940s;
  • Wayne Gretzky signed hockey stick from his Olilers days
  •  a metre-tall Gordie Howe sculpted caricature;
  •  NFL legend Dan Marino’s memorabilia;
  •  a miniature bicycle, which was once one of the smallest bicycles in the world; and
  •  a Wurlitzer OMT Vinyl 1015 Jukebox.

If you are looking for a great gift for someone, there is some thing for everyone in here. There are 104 items for you to take a look at. All of the items are up for grabs via the internet and an online auction. You have until February 12th at 5 PM to place your online bids!

Did you ever go see the performances at the Museum?

For the 42 years that the Museum was opened, they had TONS of people try and do record attempts. It was interesting to read some of the most famous ones on their website:

Gary Shawkey (Fire Walker) who  performed for guests laying on a bed of nails, while staff stood on his chest,  Edward “Count  Desmond” Benjamin, (sword swallower) Michael Kettman, (Most spinning basketballs balanced), Fran Capo (The World’s Faster Talker), Edward “Fast Eddy” MacDonald, (Holder  of numerous Yoyo records), Mike “The Pancake Man” Cuzzacrea, (Known for his charity  fundraising efforts and record holder for pancake flipping, while running marathons), strongman Rev. Kevin Fast (holding records for pulling everything from fire trucks to  airplanes), Thomas Blacke,(Record Holding Escape Artist) and David “The Great  Throwdini” Adamovich (Fastest Knife Thrower) to name a few.

[Ripley Auctions]

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