Dogs are animals that we simply do not deserve. They're loyal, trustworthy and will always be by your side through the good and the bad.

I've been a dog owner most of my life and back in 2018, my fiancée and I adopted a beagle/pit-bull mix named Odessa from the SPCA.

There was not much information on her, but she was only 19 months old. She had a scar on her head, but she was the sweetest dog ever. It was the best decision we ever made to adopt her, and she's literally the nicest dog you will ever meet in your life.

So many dogs just need a chance at these shelters. They are often there to no fault of their own, and unfortunately, many of these dogs are pit-bull. That's largely due to the unfair stigma that pit-bull have garnered, when in reality, many of them are the nicest dogs ever.

One pit-bull terrier mix at the Niagara SPCA needs a forever home and he's been there a very long time.

Nate has been at the Niagara SPCA for almost a year (321 days) and the SPCA is hoping that Nate finally gets a forever home.

Nate looks very similar to our beaglebull, Odessa, and she's been everything for our family.

Hopefully Nate gets adopted very soon and never has to worry about whether or not someone will adopt him, ever again.

Let's help Nate out and share his story!

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