One of Western New York's favorite ice cream locations has announced opening dates for the 2022 season.

The weather doesn't look like it will get below freezing again within the next few weeks, which is a perfect time to spring into some warm weather-related news (see what I did there?)

Nick Charlap's have set opening dates for their three locations in Western New York.

The Hamburg location, located at 10 Euclid Ave, will open March 18, while the Village of Angola will open their Nick Charlap's location the following week on March 24. That second location is 9049 Erie Road in Angola.

Finally, the third location in Kenmore is expected to open April 1 to kickstart the new month. Nick Charlap's in Kenmore is located at 2800 Elmwood Avenue.

It is important to note that these reopening dates could potentially change if we happen to get, what I like to call, a "fifth fake spring." A fake spring is a period of time when the weather seems warm enough for a string of days that you start to think there is no chance of any snowfall until next winter…but then you are surprised with a massive lake effect snow storm that makes you second guess yourself as to whether or not winter is officially over (but I think everyone at this point hopes that winter is over!).

After all, if winter is over, that means Nick Charlap's Ice Cream will be making its return to Western New York.

I've been told by a handful of people it's the best ice cream place in all of Western New York and a must-try for any Buffalo transplants, so you already know we're counting down the days until Nick Charlap's Ice Cream opens for season!

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