They say if you see something, you should say something and that's what they did when they saw something strange in Albion today.

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Normally when you get your mail or packages from the United States Postal Service they're either in a vehicle or (if they're walking) wearing a uniform.  It just makes people feel better to know that the person that is walking up to their front door has a purpose.

So when people in Albion saw someone who looked like they were dressed like a ninja getting into a mail truck this afternoon, they called the police to make sure that their mail person was in fact, a mail person.

After a brief investigation, they were able to determine that they were in fact simply delivering mail.

Many people in the comments were asking where his uniform and badge were and the response was that part-time employees don't always have uniforms and sometimes new employees won't get them right away either.

At this point, we really don't know why they decided to dress like this to deliver the mail today.  Maybe they were trying to help a young kid feel better that was stuck at home for some reason.  Maybe it was just to get a laugh out of people. You would guess that what they were wearing was just what made them comfortable while they did their job.  If they didn't have a uniform to wear, then as long as they had their identification on them, it should be no harm-no foul.  Either way, you can probably understand why it would cause some concern.

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