If you have been outside for even a second in New York State lately you have smelled the smoke from the wildfires in Canada. New York State's air quality has gotten pretty bad this past week and until the weather and jet stream change, the air we breath will still be filled with smoke.

What caused these fires? Millions of acres are going up in flames and the smoke and ash are traveling hundreds of miles as the fires grow. There are likely multiple factors behind the fires igniting. Some may be caused by natural events like lightning strikes. While others may be a result of careless actions from humans.

Regardless of the reason the fires started, the spread of the fires can be related to how dry it has been in the last few weeks in the region. April was very wet in New York State and Canada. However, the Month of May and now June, have been super dry and ideal for fires to spread.

There are some officials who are linking the fires to climate change as is the case with Governor Hochul.

But what happens next? We don't see a big surge of rain anytime soon and the threat of fires spreading is still very real here in New York State. Some are saying that perhaps off road vehicles should stay out of the woods until we get some rain. There are reports that some of the fires may have been started by hot ATV's.

The bottom line is to be smart about what you are doing. If you are near a patch of dry vegetation or in the woods, park your ATV/UTV in a safe place after it has been running and heated up.

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