New York State says that there will be no more warnings as to when and where their speeding cameras will be.

New York State launched a program where they had cameras set up along certain spots and if you were speeding by one of their cameras, you would automatically get a ticket in the mail. We have seen a ticket that someone received and it could surprise you when you get it almost a month early.

When the program first started, New York State was issuing warnings to drivers, but that grace period is now completely over according to the government website.

How many locations will go live?

There will be 30 work zone speed units launching in April 2023 that will be moved around to work zones throughout the state.

Will there be a warning period for each work zone speed enforcement unit deployed or each construction season?

No, the warning period for the entirety of the program began on April 17, 2023 and ended on May 16, 2023. There will be no additional warning periods moving forward.

The website also lists how much the fine will be if you get a ticket here in New York State from one of their cameras:

  • First Violation: $50 fine
  • Second Violation: $75 fine if within an 18-month period of first violation
  • Third and Subsequent Violations: $100 fine if within an 18-month period of first violation

You will receive the ticket no more than 45 days later via mail. As of late January, New York State had made over 4 million dollars from issuing tickets that these cameras have captured.

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