UPDATE: In 2014, WYRK and Roswell Park will be doing something very special for the cancer survivors of WNY and beyond. This year, we are welcoming cancer survivors and their friends and family to purchase tickets to the Taste Of Country in a featured section called the Roswell Park Cancer Survivor Section. At the show, we will take time highlight and recognize any and all cancer survivors who are present.

The seats are in grandstand section 117, rows O-V, and the section is now officially SOLD OUT!


There sure are some amazing stories of people surviving cancer. Over the last 18 years that I have worked for WYRK, I have had the chance to meet people who have overcome all different kinds of hurdles associated with this terrible disease. But as long as there are places like Roswell Park and the will power of their patients is strong, cancer can't win.

For the next few months -- from now until Taste Of Country and the Ride For Roswell -- WYRK and Roswell Park will be sharing some of their stories. I feel that if others get to know some of the individuals that have gone through a battle and beaten cancer, it will inspire them to fight cancer and win! Country Music Inspires Cures and these real stories of survival will only strengthen the the will power and commitment to finding a cure.