The incoming Nor'easter isn't going to hit Buffalo but the impact it will have on the east coast will be felt here in WNY. If you are traveling to any of the major east coast cities including New York City, Boston, Philly and Washington DC your flight will probably be canceled. With reports of up to 16 inches hitting NYC and at least a foot hitting DC, Philly and the Jersey Shore, this storm isn't going to be kind to the travel industry. Reports of 400 arriving and departing fights being cancelled yesterday in these cities is now continuing this morning and the cancellations are spreading to other cities.

As of 5:15 am there were 9 cancellations and 1 delay in the flights departing from the Buffalo Niagara Airport. Here is a look at part of the departure board from this morning.

Buffalo Niagara Airport
Buffalo Niagara Airport

To see the full Departure/Arrival board click HERE and make sure you check the status of your flight before you leave for the airport.

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