Did you just get your taxes done and want to know when you can spend all that money?  New York State is now making it easier to check the status of your return!

We are a generation of people who want things now.  Technology is advancing rapidly and we can do things we could never do before.

Last week I told you about a new feature from the United States Post Office that will allow you to check what's in your mail before it even lands in your mailbox.  This week, it's kind of the same thing, only this one is for your New York State Tax Refund.

It's a pretty simple process, but you will need some info.  Of course in this day and age of identity theft, many people are anxious (and should be) about entering their social security number online, but that one is the first piece of info you need.  Obviously they want to make sure it's you.  Then you need to enter the type of form you submitted to the state, and the amount you were told would be refunded and you are on your way.  They should be able to tell you when your refund will arrive in your mailbox or direct deposit account.

Want to try it?  Click Here to get started.

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