People in Western New York have been using the cashless tolls for the last several months and while it's eliminated waits at tolls across the state, people have complained about overcharges.

But what about E-Z Pass users? Apparently, many Western New York residents are complaining they have been overcharged with E-Z Pass recently and it appears to be happening mostly in one section of Western New York.

According to WKBW, dozens of southtowns drivers are warning others to check their E-Z Pass charges, because they say they've been overcharged.

Lisa Kraft of Derby says she's looked back through March of this year and says they were overcharged by $35.

"I think it's awful. They're taking enough money from us. But to go on a $0.13 normal toll and we're getting charged over $4 for it," Kraft said.

It isn't just Krafty, as many other southtown drivers have the same complaints about being overcharged on the NYS Thruway.

Kraft said she tried to contact the NYS Thruway Authority, which they want people who have complaints to do, but she says they only refunded her half of what she was owed.

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With the number of drivers that go through the cashless tolls every day, I'm wondering if those will soon have an issue with overcharging. I love the convenience of the cashless tolls and E-Z Pass but when there's a system such as that, it's easy to presume that issues such as this will arise.

Have you been overcharged by E-Z Pass on the NYS Thruway lately?

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