Von Miller has been claiming that it's all but a done deal that OBJ will be coming to Buffalo.  But rumors are circling that he might be headed to a rival instead.

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Where is Odell Beckham Junior going to end up?  That's the million-dollar question.  He's been rumored to be going to just about every team in the NFL - including the Bills.  But something happened today that made some people start to question whether or not he might be headed to the Kansas City Chiefs instead.

Today, the Chiefs restructured the contract of veteran tight end Travis Kelce.  It's a name that we know all too well here in Buffalo.  It's a pretty common thing for teams to do.  They restructure contracts to make cap room so that if they want to make moves, they're ready to make them.  It's almost like taking money out of the bank to get ready to buy something with cash.

Pat McAfee from the Pat McAfee show seems to think that it might be to make some room to sign Odell Beckham Junior there.

**WARNING:  Video contains explicit language**

Could the Bills use another receiver for depth?  Probably.  But in the last couple weeks, we've seen some names step up to the plate like Isaiah Hodgins and rookie Khalil Shakir when we've needed them.  I've never been on the "we should sign OBJ" bus.  It would just feel like we were buying a championship. But I'll be honest, I'd hate to see him go to a rival.  The last thing we need is to give them another weapon that we need to worry about.  The Bills beat the Chiefs, but they've done that in the past.  The game that we need to win against them will happen in the playoffs.

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